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Starting in March, Playboy Magazine Will Be Nude Free

“As part of a redesign that will be unveiled...   (NY Times)

USC Fires Its Football Coach

“Faced with mounting reports of erratic behavior by its...   (LA Times)

Actor Randy Quaid Held on $500,000 Bail — Judge Explains Why It’s So High

A judge in Vermont today ordered that actor Randy...   (Reuters)

TV Legend Steps In After His Childhood Home Is Condemned

After Dick Van Dyke found out his childhood home...   (AP)

Weak Opening for Warner Bros.’ ‘Pan’ Conjures Memories of the Biggest Box-Office Disasters

A dismal opening weekend in theaters for the $150...   (AP)

Actor Who’s a Household Name to Produce Movie About the Volkswagen Scandal

An enormously successful actor whose credits include five Academy...   (Variety)

CBS Back in Business With ‘King of Queens’ Star

The star of the long-running CBS sitcom “The King...   (Deadline)

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Media Buyer of the Year

TVWeek names its Media Buyer of the Year. It's Christine Merrifield. She's President, Investment, Activation and Operations for MediaVest USA. Though she has a traditional media background, Merrifield has been on the leading edge of media dealmaking in the digital arena as she partners companies such as Google with MediaVest's blue-chip lineup of clients, from Honda to Walmart to Coke. She helps shepherd billions of dollars in media spending. If you CLICK ON THE PICTURE above you'll be taken to the interview.