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'24' Season 5 DVD

December 13, 2006 5:22 PM

Last week I briefly mentioned the release of the “24” season 5 DVD. Well, I was finally able to sit down and go through it, sampling some of the extras, including the deleted scenes and several commentaries.

The deleted scenes are well worth checking out. Some are extended sequences, cut from the final versions of the episodes for various reasons. Also included is our 100th episode reel. This short compilation features a “best of” throughout “24’s” first four seasons. Compiled by our writers and produced by our Associate Producer and one of our editors, it screened for cast and crew at our 100th episode party last year… and it was a big hit!

There are also multiple commentaries featuring cast members, writers, producers, directors and special guests. These commentaries range from informative and eye opening, to no educational value whatsoever, except plain entertainment. Remind me to share the experience of how a commentary gets made at some point. It’s very interesting.

The rest of the extras are quite good. They include several featurettes and a DVD-only “prequel” linking the events of season 5 to season 6. In the prequel, we see Jack in China, forced to make a fateful choice. Oh, and he’s got a beard too! There’s also a trailer for season 6 that looks like it should be a feature film.

Overall, this DVD set is exceptional. (Although, I may be a little bit biased.) If you’re a fan of the show, you will not be disappointed.

Anyone checked it out yet? Chime in ….


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Loved the DVD's, Matt. The extra features were the best since the Season 2 package. The prequel was the best so far because it had a cool plot, even though many fans feel the silver car was a commercial for Toyota.

As usual, the commentaries were great. I'm a blind guy and it took me a while to navigate the menus until I figured out how to turn them on.

You guys are the most fan-friendly crew out there. I love what you're doing. Please keep it up!



The s5 DVD set is fantastic. I agree with RyanO that it's the best set since s2. All the features were interesting... it's so fun (and impressive) to see how enthusiastic, dedicated and just plain good everyone associated with the show is... and the generosity with which everyone associated with the show shares their experiences and excitement never fails to blow me away.

The commentaries were excellent. You, Nicole and Duppy did a great job.

Excited about your starting this blog!

Do you plan to keep it spoiler-free as the season gets going?

Finally (for now) is it January yet? The waiting is hardest part!


It's absolutely fantastic. But what else would you expect from the gang at "24"...

I say if you keep this going during the season, spoiler free please! We have the FOX Promotion Department to ruin things for us!


Really enjoyed it.


The “prequel” linking the events of season 5 to season 6. Quite a ruse they pulled on Jack and the thing is Jack still never said a word. Very clever.

Music by Sean Gallery...My wife especially enjoyed this feature along with me. It was very enlightening to see how much the music can change / enhance the mood of the scenes.

Unsung Heros...The Camera Department...Fabulous making it seem as if we ( the audience ) are in the scene.

Logans Retreat...Very enjoyable, even more than I enjoyed seeing the "new CTU" feature in a previous seasons DVD.

100th Episode...Yes, it rocked. Great choices and editing and music.

Keeping It Real...Stunts...Awesome...gave me new perspective and respect for an integral part of the show.

and last, but certainly not least...Supporting Players..Wonderful

After all that, I realised I forgot to mention the extended / deleted scenes which of course were worth the price of the DVDs alone but it was so cool to have everything I mentioned above to boot.

Yeh, I guess you could say I enjoyed quite a bit of the Season 5s DVD special features. : )

Looking forward to season 6s DVDs special features.

Thanks for asking.

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