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‘24’—In Real Time

December 7, 2006 3:52 PM

Hello blogosphere…

This is an update from the set of “24.” With the premiere of our sixth season coming up, January 14th, this is an exciting time to explain a little bit about what goes into making the show as well as share some of the interesting antics that happen on and off the set.

And what better place to start, than with antics…

To celebrate the release this week of the “24 season 5” DVD, as well as the new photo book, “24: Behind the scenes”, Fox Home Entertainment threw the cast and crew a party at Les Deux restaurant in Hollywood. It started with the red carpet treatment, where actors and producers met the media in front of flash bulbs. The rest of us got off easier and just walked in through the front door.

Once inside, it was a much more relaxed and somewhat intimate setting. Leather couches and an open patio allowed guests to mingle and dine. Around the rooms were large prints from the “24” photo book, each featuring a classic shot from one of the show’s five seasons. They pulled out all the stops for this party, from hand-rolled sushi to hand-rolled cigars(note: not on the same table). There were also several booths featuring bottle service and mixers to compliment an expansive and impressive open bar.

Things got a little out of hand as the clock got closer to midnight. Rounds of Patron shots and skewers of filet mignon began to arrive at a staggering pace. The level of embarrassing antics rose in direct proportion to the hangovers many people were going to feel the following day.

Fortunately, everyone made it home safe and despite lack of sleep, it was back to work as usual…


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Marianne Paskowski:

Hello Fellow TVWeek Blogger,

May I be among the first or the first to welcome you to our cast of bloggers. On Dec. 5, I was also the first person to buy Season 5 of "24" at my local Blockbuster in Orleans, on Cape Cod. Why? That DVD set will restore harmony to my marriage.

My husband fumed several years ago, when "24" was preempted for a George Bush speech. And it's one of those shows that is so sticky you can't miss one. But I got him caught up on Season 3 and Season 4. Last Spring, when I decided to write about the Season 5 Finale, he went to the basement.

Now we have it, although he doesn't know he's getting it for his birthday this Sunday. So now we can watch Season 6 in peace together. Sorry, but I'm not gonna tell him about your blog here, until I give him the Season 5 DVD collection. And then you'll never hear the end from him. He's got rabies over this show, and he's a C-SPAN, History Channel, news junkie.

So welcome again with that caveat of a warning about Bob,

TV Week Columnist & Blogger


Hey Matt:

I was floored when seeing you started a blog here!

Great story abou that night...one word --- debauchery!
Patron shots will definately cause a whirlwind of trouble...

Hope all is well,

-Brian (Vmaxx) -

First Mike, thanks for doing this. Though it may not show, a lot of us love reading your blog and finding out juicy tidbits about the behind the scenes stuff.

I know you're not at liberty to dish the really good stuff, so maybe one day we'll see you at a bar or lounge, get you drunk and hear the dirt (haha).

I picked up the 24 Book. Really cool stuff. DIdn't know Cassar was an Oilers fan. Didn't know Kiefer was a chess maniac. I always enjoy those little quirks that make the people in front of and behind your show that more interesting.

Keep it up, man!


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