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December 20, 2006 2:09 AM

Last week I mentioned how interesting it was to record the DVD commentary. It’s a unique experience that as an average viewer, I might take for granted. The process itself, however, is not as easy at it would appear.

The first thing about recording the commentary is that it’s very similar to recording it live. You go into a recording area with whomever you are doing the commentary with, you get your coffee or beverage to keep your mouth lubricated, and you do it. You get no second take. There’s no pause either – unless the technician really likes you or feels sorry for you. So technically, the next time you hear the final product is when it’s released – meaning 5 million others around the world are hearing it too. And it’s usually unedited.

Ideally, you want your commentary to be equal parts informative and entertaining. It’s all too easy to get locked into relaying too much information for the sake of speaking or too little for the sake of letting the scene play.

And sometimes, you learn more about the person doing the commentary than the actual episode that you’re watching.


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So I pre-ordered 24 Season 5 on November 26th on amazon.com (it was cheap, man!). They tell me it will be delivered by December 13th. I check the site. It says they delivered it on December 5th. To whom? Beats me. So I waited another week. Nothing. Called up Amazon. They're sending me another copy. So until then, I'm behind the 8-ball on what I know is a kick-ass DVD. Sucks, but that's living La Vida Loca!

Take it easy.



I chuckled when you noted that some commentaries give you insights into the person more than the project. I'm thinking specifically of Greg Itzin and Jean Smart, who were very cute together but didn't give out much info. They sound like a lot of fun. I actually enjoy hearing the commentaries of the writers and Jon Cassar even more than the actors.

I'm lovin' this blog and hope you keep it up.

I own all 5 of the Previous Seasons DVDs and I do enjoy the commentaries but think they could be better. I know it would take some time but If the actors could actually view the episode "prior" to actually commenting on it, I think that would lead to more meaningful discussion. Many times, when listening to the commentaries, it is apparent the actors have never seen the whole episode ( or even parts of it ) before whereas the writers and directors are very familiar with the episode. We, as fans, have seen the particular episode before ( probably several times ) and want to learn something new from the actors perspective ( which is now all to often just "ooohs" and "ahhhs" ) as well as from the writers/directors perspective. I really don't want to just "watch" the episode with the actor.

Just a suggestion.

Thank You,
Travis White

Something I did fail to say in my prior message is that I do enjoy getting to "know" the actors better but still would like to hear a more "informed" perspective from them about the episode they are commenting on.

Oh, yes, one more thing while I am here...Some of the Season DVDs have a "Play All" option for the 4 episodes on each DVD and a "Play All" for the deleted / extended scenes, while others do not. It would be great if the future DVDs had the "Play All" option ( for the episodes and for the deleted / extended scenes ) so you don't keep having to back to the "menu" each time.

Thank you for your time.

Looking forward to Episode 6.

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