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Excitement Before the Premiere

January 9, 2007 2:48 PM

With less than a week to the season premiere, the excitement is building. The mood around the set is ecstatic. Several great reviews, including a knock-out EW article by Stephen King, has put everyone on a high.

It seems like an eternity since we first broke story on Day 6. It was actually almost eight months ago. We began immediately after completing the final scripts for Day 5. Executive Producer and show runner, Howard Gordon, spent his brief hiatus writing the first episode of this new season.

Looking back, it’s great to see this new season take shape. The pressure was on to make it even better than the last. It wasn’t easy, but it looks like we may have a shot at pulling that off.

We premiere with two nights of two episodes each, four episodes back to back, right out of the gate. And the action and thrills never let up for a minute. One of the elements of “24” that has remained effective is the ability to go back and reinvent ourselves each season. So, like the previous seasons, Jack’s day will start with a new threat and some new faces.

Next time, I’ll cover what you need to know to prepare for the season premiere. In the meantime, feel free to discuss which characters you’d like to see return.


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Can't wait for the premiere. I know Curtis and Chloe are coming back. They're my faves. However, I would love for Dina Araz to return. Yeah, I know she was shot a few seasons ago, but we never saw it, right? So the door's still open, right?

You guys do a great job. Looking forward to seeing what you throw at us on Day 6.


I would love to see Eric Rayburn from Day 2 return somehow. The guy was a master at being a slimeball.

Can't wait for the premier, and shame on people for viewing illegal copies from the internet early.

Extremely excited, the last season left me gasping . . too bad about Tony though, he'll be sorely missed. I'm left wondering if this season's body count will be higher than the last.

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