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Reactions to the First Six Hours

January 30, 2007 6:22 PM


Judging from some of the comments, everyone is really digging this new season. It’s great to see what characters you’d like to see return. Some of you may just get your wish.

Warning, the following contains spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen the last episode…

The reaction of viewers to the story of Graem being Jack’s brother and the reveal of Jack’s father, played by James Cromwell, has been overwhelming. Rest assured, there will be many more twists and turns in the coming episodes.

The idea of telling a story about Jack’s family, his history, is something that we felt strongly about. This season’s threat seemed like the appropriate time to explore some of Jack’s secrets and take the audience along on an emotional ride.

While the writers do sometimes gauge fan reactions, there’s rarely enough time to incorporate it into the story, or the final cut, for that matter. We determine the direction the story will take based upon the most emotional and dramatically satisfying route. Usually, we’ll flesh out several storylines or possibilities for an episode, but in the end, we decide to go with the one that has the most intensity.

Did anyone catch the reveal of the famous “24 Fan Phone Number” last night?


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"Did anyone catch the reveal of the famous “24 Fan Phone Number” last night?"

Yes, many of us did. It is being discussed on several 24 messageboards. I haven't tried it out yet...but will.

I am thoroughly enjoying this season and really was glad to see the character development in episode 6. Nice to slow down a bit and get to know the characters. Then when something happens to them it is much more meaningful. Episode 6 brought back fond memories of the early saesons when 24 did take time to flesh out the characters. Now I care more for Karen, Milo, Nadia and Tom. And I am definitely looking forward to learning more ( as many fans are ) about Jack's past through his interactions with Phillip, Graem, Marylin and Josh. This is important to me because many of the characters ( David, Michelle, Tony, and Edgar to name just a few ) who we did know and cared for are not here.

I do love the action but I need to "care" about who is effected by the action.
That, to me, is true 24.

By "care" I mean, of course, to "love to love" or "love to hate"

Thanks for giving us a place to express our feelings about the show and thank you for addressing the fan base reactions / plot change question.


While some fans felt Monday's episode was mere "filler," I agree with Travis. It's nice to be able to slow down just a bit and learn a little more about the characters. I prefer a couple of episodes of build-up with a major pay-off, rather than the constant barrage of hollow action that was customary in the fourth season.

The interaction between Graem and Jack crackles; no small gift from two talented actors. I also think James Cromwell was an excellent choice to play Jack's father. Donald Sutherland's style has always left me cold.

Two other notes: I loved the argument between Karen and Lennox at the beginning of the episode. I'm not sure how I feel about Karen buckling under his thumb, but it will be nice to see her and Bill reunited again. I also find the evolving plot with Nadia to be of interest. I hope the writers won't make her a mole. I'd like to see her around for a while.

Can't wait for next Monday!

Hey Matt

I have been checking here since Tuesday for an update since the 7 th episode was aired. I enjoy this blog page. I really enjoy your insite to the show and it is real cool to go to a place such as this where the posts are not so overwhelming like at a messageboard. I have read all of the comments. You have a good group posting comments here.

So please give us your update soon...OK.



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