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Access Hollywood Confidential

Advice for Lindsay Lohan

May 31, 2007 1:35 PM

What a difference a week makes. Last week, I was blogging all about celebrity at its best in Cannes with Brad, Angelina, George, Matt and Don raising millions for charity and their great work on screen. Today, we head back to Hollywood and young Hollywood's obsession with disaster. Saturday early morning, Lindsay Lohan, who is still underage, crashed her car, was arrested for suspicion of DUI with cocaine being allegedly found at the scene of the crash and ended up heading to the hospital. Just one day later, the devastating photo of her passed out in her car hit the cover of the New York Post and said it all. Then, she heads to a real rehab center to deal with what her PR people say is a "medical condition." Her mom is nowhere to be found, but apparently is sending instant messages to her friends like she's part of her daughter's group. Her dad, just out of prison, reached out to her through the media without any response from her, as of now.

Her career is in a tailspin, her latest movies have all tanked. She has "I Know Who Killed Me" coming out this summer, "Chapter 27" in the fall and she was supposed to start shooting "Poor Things" next week, and now they will have to adjust production to accommodate her schedule.

Hollywood needs to JUST SAY NO to Lindsay right now. No more hiring, no more enabling, no more parties, and no more leeches trying to glom onto her for their 15 minutes of fame. She is one car wreck away from being another young Hollywood star buried way to early…WAKE UP.


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