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Access Hollywood Confidential

Hello, Goodbye from Cannes

May 18, 2007 7:19 PM

Hello and goodbye from Cannes...I arrived Tuesday after a spectacular and star-filled flight from LA. Minnie Driver sitting a few rows in front of us and then on the Heathrow to Nice leg, Jude Law who's "My Blueberry Nights" opened the 60th Cannes Film Festival, was with us too.

Access Hollywood is doing something no show of its kind has ever undertaken, hosting virtually the entire show from the Festival. We have a bevy of producers, crews and of course talent. We all arrived and by Tuesday we were up and going.

Billy Bush, Maria Menounos and Tim Vincent are scurrying up and down the Croisette to bring all of the action back home. We miss Nancy O'Dell, but any day now that baby she is so excited to have will arrive and we all thought her husband Keith might want to be with her for the delivery.

Back to the Festival and the show ... our access has been unprecedented, from buying gelato with Jerry Seinfeld to getting Jude and his co-star Norah Jones to hang out on the beach. It illustrates how the old fashion junket in the hotel room is an outdated proposition ... More proof that our ratings are through the roof from Cannes.

There are many days left in festival, the "Ocean's 13" clan isn't arriving until next week. Producer Jerry Weintraub has given us some exclusive access so that'll be fun and on Monday Angelina arrives.

As for me, I write this on Friday from the Nice airport on my way home, soccer and Little League calls ... Four kids, three soccer tournaments and a Little League game, cannot miss that!

Hope you are enjoying our Cannes coverage as much as we enjoy bringing it to you...

Rob Silverstein is executive producer of "Access Hollywood."


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