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Access Hollywood Confidential

What is Exclusive?

May 9, 2007 7:38 PM

Welcome to week 2 of my blog. We're halfway through sweeps and ratings are up, which is no surprise as there is certainly no shortage of big stories to cover. The David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach debacle is a stunner. The disturbing tape of a wrecked David Hasselhoff makes its way to all the shows ... of course all the shows air the tape. All the shows call it exclusive, except "Access Hollywood," which brings me to ... what is exclusive?

There are 14 definitions of "exclusive" on dictionary.com and one of the top definitions is, "Shutting out all others from a part or share." The key words here are "all others" and when every show has the Hasselhoff tape, how is it an ET or Extra exclusive? There are other interesting uses of exclusives these days ... qualified exclusives like "morning show exclusive" and "prime time exclusive." It's all bogus, and producers know better, the definition is clear, "Shutting out all others from a part or share."

Now to Paris Hilton ... a few years ago we were the first show to ban her from our air. We made a choice that we wanted to feature stars with talent, whether it be singers/musicians, actors, etc. and not just someone famous for simply making appearances and posing in front of cameras. But at times, her antics were too good to ignore and we fell off the wagon. Our relationship with Paris is sketchy to say the least. We've dubbed her "Hilty" and she claims we have been "mean" to her, but what we have done is point out exactly what she is; a socialite who shot to stardom on the small screen: A straight-to-DVD title called "One Night In Paris."

Off to the Cannes Film Festival for some REAL exclusives.

Rob Silverstein is executive producer of "Access Hollywood."


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This was very interesting I love watching your show you are a great writer thanks for writing a great blog

John Richards:

Yes Access Hollywood really took the high road on that Hasselhoff piece by not using the word "exclusive". How about not airing it at all....

Minnie Golden:


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