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Access Hollywood Confidential

What's Going on With Stars and Their Marriages?

May 4, 2007 12:23 AM

I've been privileged to cover the coming and goings in Hollywood for 11 years and I still love the action as much today as I did back in 1996 when "Access Hollywood" debuted and I was the weekend show producer. From Brad and Jen to Brad and Angelina and from Tom and Nicole to Tom and Katie, I thought I had seen it all, but I hadn't.

What's going on with stars and their marriages....It's common to have break ups galore, but things are now way out of control.

Now it's not if, but it's when for a high profile couple to call it quits. Most use the lame excuse that they have busy schedules, pressure, yada..yada..yada..and other publicist speak. The reality is, as some of the favorite tabs say, "Stars, they are just like us." They get divorced and get divorced a lot. But where stars and non pros differ, is in the publicizing of marital problems. It's bad enough that the world knows...it gets worse when both parties are just out of control.

Let's talk Alec and Kim...What gave Alec the right to verbally abuse his daughter like that on a voicemail? What was he thinking? He wasn't. Neither were the people responsible for allowing it to be aired all over the Internet and then on shows like "Access Hollywood". Should we have aired it? I'll address that in a moment. Why Alec would then feel the need to go on "The View" and continue to rip his daughter's mom was another huge error in judgment.

Time to shut up, stop talking..where is the character chip for these two supposed adults. Don't hate your ex more than you love your child.

Where was the "Access" sensitivity chip when debating whether to air Alec's voicemail? I thought long and hard. I have four children, including 11-year-old twin boys and I should understand whole-heartedly what poor Ireland, an innocent 11-year-old, would have to go through. We decided to air it. We tried to be sensitive, but who are we kidding. There is no sensitive way to do that story. In retrospect, we should have taken a stand and been the only one not to air it. Hopefully for all involved, that's the last case of a crazed parental voicemail polluting the airwaves.

Stay tuned for more. We're heading to Cannes for the 60th Annual Film Festival later this month...should be some good blogging from there.

Rob Silverstein is executive producer of "Access Hollywood."


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this is cool


this is cool

Meri Ellen, Central West End, St. Louis:

Well Hello Robbie.
I'm still in St. Louis...still teaching...a few things have changed...a) Rossino's is gone, b)found a brilliant scientist who wants to marry me and c) travel to far-away places like China.
Are you scratching your head, trying to remember me? Could be, as it's been maaaaany years and our very comfortable, plutonic, socializing was brother-sister like, friends sharing a casual dinner (but you always paid because I still hadn't broken 20k), and unscarring, pleasant.
I have no agenda in contacting you other than I love to make contact with long-ago people and catch up. I'm sure your door gets knocked on plenty by peripheral people who do have ulterior motives, now that you've acquired celebrity status. Well, I'm not one of *those*. I, actually, had no idea that you had been so successful (I'm not surprised, though) until I googled you. It just so happens that I work at school with a man who began his first career at KMOX, and for some reason my memory was jogged and asked him if he remembered you. Sure, he did, and what ever happened with that guy? Is he still living in DeBaliviere? Oooobviouuusly not. So, my curiosity piqued, and I've emailed you from a couple of places...don't know if you'll get any, but if you do, drop me msg if you get a chance.
I'd love to be able to tell/show my students yet another reason it's important to be able to read, write, communicate, go to college, etc.....and that when you do it right, keep good grades and have some drive and ambition, then big things can happen and you can go big places...that regular people do big things (I have a friend from elementary school who produces films in your neighborhood)...
Hey Robbie, whether you remember me or not, I'm happy that your talent and spunk got noticed on such a large scale.
Meri Ellen monarchmetal@yahoo.com

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