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Access Hollywood Confidential

September 2007 Archives

Emmys and Our New Set

September 18, 2007 8:14 AM

Just finished the 12th Emmy awards show in "Access Hollywood" history and we set new marks for red carpet innovation. Our U-Snaps red carpet photo booth was a hit and the picture quality is spectacular, but the number one moment was Billy -- unbeknownst to me -- bringing a breathalyzer kit to red carpet, where he administered his first ever red carpet test to "Grey's Anatomy's" "Mc Steamy" Eric Dane. Eric had fun with it and, of course, we will be teasing the results all the way to the end of tonight's show.

Nancy O'Dell was back on the red carpet less than a week after returning from maternity leave and the reaction to her by stars was astounding; they watch the show and they missed her, as did I.

The team is back together as "Access" unveils a new sleeker on-air look today, as well as some tweaks to our one-of-a-kind state of the art set. Graphics and sets don't equal ratings, but when you add it all up, with Nancy back in the saddle, I feel a huge year ahead of us.

Enjoy our fun-filled Emmy coverage.