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Shooting the Sheriff

July 24, 2006 12:00 AM

Producer Scott Sternberg ("Sunday Morning Shootout") heaved a big sigh of relief last Tuesday: After a week's delay and much to-do, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department finally greenlighted his plan to create a reality TV series chronicling the trials and travails of the cadets at the Sheriff's Academy. Mr. Sternberg's was not an easy journey; after first approaching the sheriff and the L.A. County Board of Supervisors three months ago, he was surprised to learn that another producer, Shane Conrad of 44 Blue Productions, also had contacted the department about doing a reality show, that one tracing the daily activities of detectives and officers. In a happy outcome for all, Mr. Conrad also got the go-ahead. Mr. Sternberg is stoked, because after encountering the cadets on-site, his inspiration doubled: "When I visited the L.A. Sheriff's Academy I was amazed by the intensity and difficulty of the exercises cadets had to complete. It made you understand just how hard it is for people to earn their badges, and just how much drive each trainee needs to complete the course. Witnessing the academy training process has made me even more eager to move ahead on this project. I am delighted that the Board of Supervisors gave us the go-ahead on this; it will make for great TV." Neither project is attached to a network yet; Blink's taking bets on which will sell first-and where.

-Tom Gilbert