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Fine Tuning Fine Living

August 28, 2006 12:00 AM

Fine Living wants its viewers to clean house—its house. The digi-net launched a new initiative online last week inviting fans to run a fine-toothed comb through the Fineliving.com Web site for any outdated links or pages that need freshening. The network is giving gifts for site visitors who find the most links that need updating. Fine Living is putting viewers to work in other ways too. For the new travel show "We Live Here," which dishes the inside scoop on cities, the network has added a pair of blogs to its site, enabling users to comment on what they love and hate about particular cities. Fine Living will use those comments to determine the cities it will visit during the second season. In addition to seeking fan input, the network plans to sneak-peek a bonus episode of every new show online in advance of the on-air premiere, starting with "We Live Here" on Aug. 25. The show makes its on-air debut Sept. 17. Because Fine Living is carried in about 39 million homes, the online preview lets the network reach a larger audience with its programs, said Ron Senkowski, site director for FineLiving.com.


Hip-Hop 'Replay' Spots

Joining the NFL Network lineup in new commercials for its "NFL Replay" program are stars Tony Gonzalez, Chad Johnson, Keyshawn Johnson, Ray Lewis, Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis, Warren Sapp and Jeremy Shockey. The players were drawn not by money but by the opportunity to work with Bryan Barber, director of Outkast's "Hey Ya!" and the just-released film "Idlewild." The guys lip-synch and even try to dance. "You missed 85 / there was nothing you could do / So take some advice from a good friend / You can check out games on NFLN," says Chad Johnson of the Bengals. "NFL Replay" features rebroadcasts of NFL games from the previous Sunday in a quick 90-minute format that cuts out halftime and other non-critical elements. It's the first time ever NFL games have been rebroadcast.


Sci Fi Launches Web-Only Episodes

Making good on its April pledge to create new media content for every program, Sci Fi Channel has quietly launched its first series of Web-only episodes, in support of its drama "Eureka." The webisodes debuted July 25 on Sci Fi's broadband network Pulse, and six new installments are premiering online every Tuesday throughout the summer. The webisodes follow a self-contained story line about a creature attacking teenagers in the woods. "Eureka" has averaged more than 3 million viewers since its premiere, besting better-known hits such as FX's "Rescue Me" and MTV's "The Real World."