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They're So Glad to Have This Time Together

September 11, 2006 12:00 AM

Megan Mullally is drawing inspiration for her new syndicated talk show from some of her childhood favorites. "After school I would watch Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Carol Burnett and Dinah Shore," Ms. Mullally said in a recent Q&A. While Ms. Burnett was not a talk show host per se, her popular 1967-78 comedy-variety series on CBS regularly featured her interacting with her audience. Now the new host will have a chance to interact with Ms. Burnett since the comedian has signed on to appear as a guest during Ms. Mullally's first week of shows. Their pairing seems to be a natural—comedic women who play different characters and also know how to sing. While Ms. Shore and Mr. Douglas have moved to the eternal talk show desk in the sky, Blink hopes Ms. Mullally can score a sitdown with Mr. Griffin too. -Christopher Lisotta

King of the Dropped Pants

The Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills held "An Evening With Ted Koppel" Wednesday that featured a Q&A session conducted by museum president Pat Mitchell followed by a dinner replete with clips and comments. Dinner speakers included Mr. Koppel's pals Henry Winkler, Harry Shearer and Larry King, all of whom managed to rib the iconically serious newsman here and there. When he finally got to take the floor, Mr. Koppel got to fire off a few of his own missiles, including one that brought the house down: Noting that the CNN stalwart always works without a jacket, a droll Mr. Koppel let out with, "Larry King, you must have 900 pairs of suspenders. And you've been married 17 times because you can't keep your pants up!"-TOM GILBERT

TLC Tops Off Reality Slate With Petra

Czechoslovakian fashion model Petra Nemcova has a globe-trotting reality series in development with TLC. Ms. Nemcova was a popular model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Victoria's Secret who gained international coverage when she and her photographer/fianc%E9; Simon Atlee were trapped in Thailand during the 2004 tsunami. Mr. Atlee was killed and Ms. Nemcova survived by holding onto the top of a palm tree naked for eight hours. For the TLC series, Ms. Nemcova would travel back to her native Czechoslovakia and give girls a chance at a modeling contract. TLC had no comment.-James Hibberd

Where's Katie?

Legions of smug TiVo users didn't rush home to catch Katie Couric's Sept. 5 debut as CBS's evening news anchor, knowing their favorite gadget would record the moment for posterity. And legions may have been disappointed. Seems the digital video recorders set to look for Ms. Couric's broadcast should have been bookmarked to find her predecessor's show, "CBS Evening News With Bob Schieffer." So how many Katie fans missed her debut? Tough to tell. A TiVo spokesman said that by week's end, the company's subscribers were notified they needed to update their bookmarks for the new version of "Evening News." A friendly piece of advice from Blink: Fans of The WB and UPN better be on their guard on Sept. 18, when The CW supplants those networks on some stations.-MICHELE GREPPI

E! Takes Off

Get ready for Ryan Seacrest and the "Girls Next Door" at 35,000 feet. E! has made a deal to provide in-flight programming for US Airways. The network will provide a two-hour E!-branded channel for the first- and business-class cabins' personal TV systems, and full-length E! programs playing between feature films for the communal coach-cabin screens. The deal is the first of its kind for E!, which like many networks is seeking new avenues of nontraditional media distribution.-James Hibberd