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A 'Haunting' Event

March 26, 2007 12:00 AM

While recording the musical score for the new season of Court TV's "Haunting Evidence," MusicBox composers Joel Goodman and Dan Stein experienced some paranormal activity in their Calabasas, Calif., studios.

The duo recorded the score in normal fashion, but when mixing tracks later in the process, they noticed audio was appearing on empty tracks.

Mr. Goodman and Mr. Stein sent the audio files in question to their software tech support team, which found no audio on the empty tracks. Then, when the duo went back to the studio to listen more closely, they distinctly heard a woman's voice singing in the background.

"The voice was almost angelic. ... It gave us all the creeps, because there was no singing on the score, and there weren't any women anywhere near us during the recording sessions," Mr. Stein said. "Apparently our friendly female ghost likes to sing!"