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Mom's Gone Hunting

March 26, 2007 12:00 AM

Now anyone can be a bounty hunter. To promote its new show "Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter," WE TV is launching a video game on its Web site in which players try to steer the show's star, Sandra Scott, as she chases a bad guy while enduring such obstacles as calls from a husband who wants her to pick up a suit from the dry cleaners.

The game is part of a multimedia campaign, which is one of WE's key initiatives for 2007, according to Kenetta Bailey, senior VP of marketing. The campaign also includes cable ads, print, radio and outdoor.

The campaign aims to kill two birds with one stone by using two slogans. One, "Our TV mom can beat up your TV mom," is designed to appeal to ad buyers and cable operators, while "She's not your typical mom" has more of a consumer appeal, she said.

The show's premise and title make it fairly easy to promote, Ms. Bailey noted. "She is a wife, a mom and a bounty hunter," she said.