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Some Club Scene

March 5, 2007 12:00 AM

It's been said that Hollywood is high school with money. For its new show "Sons of Hollywood," starring the offspring of three showbiz big shots, the creative services department of A&E Network has created a press kit that looks like the glitziest diorama ever handed in as a homework assignment.

Open the box and an audio clip of the song "The In Crowd" plays. Little flashbulbs pop. And stand-up images of Randy Spelling, Sean Stewart and David Weintraub wait behind a red velvet rope. The sound alone is sure to catch the attention of the 60 or so TV writers around the country to whom the press kits were sent.

If the show lasts longer than the batteries that keep the kit's distracting lights flashing, A&E's publicity department surely will call it mission accomplished.