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BET-ting on Virtual Billboards

April 2, 2007 12:00 AM

The BET Awards in June will showcase a more sophisticated brand of virtual advertising. Working with PVI, the company behind the virtual first-down marker on NFL football broadcasts, BET will be able to sell in-venue billboards that screen movie clips, music videos and other animated content without really having to put up giant video monitors in the auditorium.

Even live video can be shown on the virtual screens, said Sam McCleery, executive VP of sales and marketing for PVI Virtual Media Services.

The virtual ads will be layered on top of a normal commercial load during the awards show broadcast, said Louis Carr, president of broadcast media sales at BET.

"It's great for categories like movies, video games and music that have great, great, great billboard creative," said Mr. Carr. "It's new and exciting. If you haven't been buying sports, you're not familiar with it."