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Country Cutups

April 2, 2007 12:00 AM

The folks at CMT are having a little bit of fun with their Nashville rivals, Great American Country. For April Fool's Day, CMT will alter its logo so that it's more in the style of GAC, using the GAC typeface and star design.

CMT says it's a good-natured prank thought up by some of its good old boys in creative services who have been noticing a lot of similarities between designs they come up with and those that end up on GAC.

Of course, for upstart GAC, which is in just 46 million homes compared with 84 million for CMT, it's something of an honor just to be noticed.

"We are proud that they are recognizing the branding elements that have been a positive contribution to GAC's taking over the leadership role in the country music television genre," said Ed Hardy, president of GAC.