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Easy on the Dom

June 17, 2007 9:00 PM

Memo to all who want to congratulate Ben Silverman for being named co-chairman (with Marc Graboff) of NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio, or for having a stake in the prestigious George Foster Peabody Awards earned by NBC's "The Office" and ABC's "Ugly Betty": Don't send him any Dom Perignon champagne -- Mouton Rothschild is his libation of choice.

The many bottles of Dom he received after being kissed by NBC Universal and being turned from an independent supplier into a network buyer of programming have been re-gifted, he confided to Blink at the May 28 Peabody luncheon in New York.

Also nice to know: "I love creative people and want to have an open door" to the creative community, he said, adding a caution: "We won't necessarily buy everything" that's pitched. -- Michele Greppi


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