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'Jericho' Nuts Bound for Iraq

June 9, 2007 11:00 AM

In a turn of events that will surely inspire college term papers about our entertainment-driven culture, U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq will soon snack on nuts mailed by angry "Jericho" fans to protest the show’s cancellation. CBS’s decision last week to renew "Jericho" for seven episodes halted the bombardment of peanuts to its New York offices, but the network was still left with the lingering question: what to do with 41,000 pounds of nuts? The nut-stuffed boxes were shipped to head of scheduling Kelly Kahl and programming chief Nina Tassler via nutsonline.com (which smartly jumped into the "Nuts to Jericho" protest early on). CBS opted to donate its nut reserves to City Harvest (which provides food to homeless shelters in New York City) and Staten Island Project Homefront (which sends food to U.S. armed forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan). The CW recently faced a similar issue with "Veronica Mars," with fans sending bags of marshmallows to protest the show’s doom. Except the "Mars" effort generated only about a hundred bags, failed to save the show, and the network employees largely ate them. Emboldened by last week’s "Jericho" announcement, however, "Mars" fans plan to reboot their campaign, only this time will send Mars bars.


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