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Mugging at ‘The View’

June 9, 2007 11:00 AM

Historically speaking, the last "View" souvenir coffee mug depicting Rosie O’Donnell as a member of the ensemble may not rank up there with the chairs that Archie and Edith Bunker sat in for eight years on "All in the Family," which now reside in the Smithsonian Institution. Nevertheless, "The View’s" summer 2007 mug does represent a year-long stretch of TV history, and it is available for $15.95 from the ABC-TV online store (www.abctvstore.com). You better get one while you can: It’s the most popular "View" mug ever and has even boosted sales of the spring and winter mugs from the year of living dangerously with the hot-tempered Ms. O’Donnell. The latest mug—on which caricatures of "the ladies" of "The View" cavort with surfboards against a soft yellow background—was introduced the week before Ms. O’Donnell and co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck had what proved to be their final argument on May 23. According to a "View" spokesperson, first-week sales for the summer mug were six times the level of sales for the spring mug. A back order was made in record time—mdash;more than doubling the initial order—and additional mugs are expected to be available for shipping June 18. "Rosie’s mug has sparked a frenzy with fans and viewers as they recognize it will be a collector’s item," said the spokesperson. Plus, it’s just the right size for tossing during a political argument. --Michele Greppi


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I ordered this mug last summer and website said "available-ready to ship". I anxiously waited for SEVERAL weeks, and when checking status of my order, it still said processing. I finally called, and was told that "sorry, we ran out, and order will never be filled. I asked why I had a printed confirmation that my order would be processed, and they had no answer. I then asked what would happen to my order if I didn't inquire on the status. I was told that it would just sit there in limbo forever! I was SO DISAPPOINTED and appalled by the response, that I wrote an email directly to The View TV show, and to ABC, and I never even got a response at all. Everytime I read about some classic 'souvenir' product from an ABC show, it really ticks me off. Their Customer Service is total CRAP!

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