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FX Show Posters Creep Up on You

July 15, 2007 9:00 PM

FX is earning praise for its season-four "Rescue Me" marketing poster. The network said the poster is inspired by Munch’s "The Scream" (though Blink also thought it had a Goya vibe). The poster continues a recent trend among FX posters toward a certain creepy sensibility, even though the shows themselves are not creepy. The red-and-black poster for "Dirt," billed as a lurid Hollywood drama, has Courteney Cox as the queen vampire of Hollywood, lording over the town. But the true creep factor is the bodies writhing under her dress. What are they doing under there, exactly? Is this the first basic-cable drama about vagina dentata? The poster for "The Riches," a comedy-drama about a family of con artists hiding in suburbia, takes a literal approach with the black ski mask over a home that resembles a face. The windows-as-eyes harks back to the original "Amityville Horror" poster. An FX spokesman said the poster is meant to be comic, but when the house is glowering down at you from a La Cienega Boulevard billboard at night, not so much. In the latest round of "The Shield" posters, hero Vic Mackey is handcuffed to a dead Strike Team member. Though it perfectly captures the theme of the season, getting stuck in traffic next to a blue-lipped corpse plastered on the side of a bus is a bit of a downer. The upside: All the FX posters are artful and discussion-prompting, which is arguably the whole point. According to FX President and General Manager John Landgraf, the posters reflect the FX brand. "Every one of those shows is funny, but they’re also dark—we don’t do ‘Characters Welcome,’" he said, referring to the USA Network tagline. "You’re never going to see a show on air that doesn’t have almost gothic themes."

--James Hibberd


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