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Talent Lineup Unveiled for Telepictures' 'TMZ'

August 12, 2007 9:00 PM

Perhaps the most talked-about new syndicated series for fall is Telepictures' newsmagazine strip "TMZ," based on the mega-Web site TMZ.com that breaks celebrity news online. A lot of questions have surrounded the format of and talent for the show, but with the approach of the launch comes some clarity.

Executive producer (and main on-air personality) Harvey Levin has added four people to the strip's on-air talent list, including Teresa Strasser, who is perhaps best known as the host of TLC series "While You Were Out." Ms. Strasser currently co-hosts TV Guide Network's weekly pop culture roundup "TV Watercooler" with comedian John Fugelsang and is a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times' Calendar section. The show also has signed Katie Daryl, who has hosted the political MTV Special "Choose or Lose" and recently worked with HDNet as host and producer of "True Music"; Ben Mankiewicz, who co-hosts the Air America/XM radio show "The Young Turks" and hosts film presentations on Turner Classic Movies; and TMZ.com staffer Michael Hundgen. Jim Paratore will also executive produce.

The "TMZ" hosts will be based in its new newsroom on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. The series was designed to complement the Web site, with news updates added to later airings of the show. -- Chris Pursell


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Comments (13)

Ben Mankiewicz? Really? Working for Harvey Levin?

Did I not get the memo about the apocalypse?


Katie Daryl on TMZ! I love her on HDNet's Deadline and True Music. I can't wait to see her big network debut!


More Katie Daryl!!! Deadline is the funniest show ever and I bet she is going to be hillarious on TMZ.

Ben hosting on TMZ on TV. What?! His brother Josh wasn't available?!

I can't believe that it wasn't mentioned that Teresa Strasser was not listed as the News Girl for Los Angeles' Free FM Adam Carolla Show, which she is on every weekday for 4 hours and has been for well over a year.

Either the shrew Teresa did not want it mentioned because she's a self absorbed pig, or this website is a shotty piece of garbage.

Though I'd like to think it's both.


Good luck to Jim Paratore the first time (of many times) Teresa Strasser starts bawling!


Why didn't you add "cohost of The Adam Carolla Show daily for more than a year" to Teresa Strasser's bio?


Good luck T. And good riddance. Now there's a place you can peddle H-wood gossip all day besides jabbing my ear on the radio.


Teresa should be great, I love her on the radio.

Teresa Strasser is a wonderful writer. Check out her website. Her writing honors include an Emmy and three LA Press Club Awards. I have been a fan ever since While You Were Out and listen to her on the Radio every day. I am sure she will bring an element of calss and humor to this show.


Great. Finnally Katie Daryl on real TV. Love watching a real genuine down to earth person. I have been waiting for her to move to a station with more access. I don't always have access to HDTV and it was hard to get enough of her shows. When you have a bad day, Katie Daryl on Deadline could change it in a heartbeat. I can't wait for the New Show. Let's get it on air real soon. Work asn't been going that well and I need the uplift.


I agree with The Jewce -- who IS to blame for the obvious absence of her radio morning show...


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