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Blink's a Working Girl for the Right 'Numb3rs'

August 19, 2007 9:00 PM

Blink has been known to take a little work home on occasion, but never to the extent we did last week. We got an insider's view of the CBS drama "Numb3rs" at the crack of dawn Wednesday when the production showed up to shoot part of the Oct. 5 episode at Blink's condo complex -- including a scene involving Blink's bedroom window.

The crew arrived outside by 7 a.m. Blink's room was part of the first shot of the day. "Numb3rs'" on-set dresser, Tim Sheehan, taped a curtain in the window and blew it outside with a fan as series regular Alimi Ballard, who portrays FBI agent David Sinclair, ran by it through the alley outside.

Before knowing Blink might tattle on them, everyone associated with the show was friendly, unobtrusive and remarkably cheerful for that hour of the day. They were out of Blink's unit by 7:54 a.m.

"You actually got off easy," said Mr. Sheehan, who was the only person inside Blink's bedroom for the most part. "Usually it's 50 people gathered inside your apartment."

A spokeswoman for the show later confirmed what Blink gathered at the shoot: that her place doubled as the home for a presumed dead "female escort" who escapes out the back when the "Numb3rs" team knocks on her door. We're not exactly sure what to make of Blink's bedroom so easily being taken for that of a hooker's. So, just this one time, we will go with the official studio spin, which the spokeswoman offered by e-mail: "Our location scouts only have the best taste, so take it as a compliment." -- Melissa Grego


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