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Can Beauty Tame the Beast on ‘Jerry Springer’?

September 16, 2007 4:23 PM

With former “Jerry Springer Show” bouncer Steve Wilkos on center stage with his own syndicated show, where will the producers of Jerry’s program turn for security? Why, to a trio of law-enforcement beauties, of course.

The series added a feminine touch to its broadcasts for the show’s upcoming season, tapping Mimi Madrigal, Katie Darwin and Mari Flores as Mr. Springer’s security detail this fall. All three are currently off-duty law enforcement officers.

“The last time I got arrested it was by these three women,” said “Springer” executive producer Richard Dominick. “They were very forceful and impressive, so I gave them a job.”

Ms. Darwin, who according to a press release is 5’8” and blond, is from “the Sox side of town” and has served in law enforcement for three years. Ms. Madrigal has been a member of Chicago’s finest for 10 years, while Ms. Flores is a nine-year police veteran who stays fit by salsa dancing, according to the release.

“The truth is, with these three women, our security has never been better (looking)!” said show host Jerry Springer.

“Springer” begins its 17th season in national syndication this week.

—Chris Pursell


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thomas perry:

Katie Darwin is extremely hot!!

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mimi madrigal is hot ''

tony rachor:

mimi madrigal is hot ''

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