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Casting Pearls

September 23, 2007 9:00 PM

The Los Angeles-based ad agency Stun Creative recently went hog-wild on a promo campaign for Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” featuring series star Mike Rowe and a live, 200-pound pig. (It should be noted that Mr. Rowe’s extensive resume of dirty jobs includes a stint as an artificial inseminator for such animals.) The spots, shot over a white, pristine background, are in stark contrast to the filthy, grimy world usually wallowed in by Mr. Rowe, who was in characteristic jocular mode when assessing his involvement in the campaign: “For nearly three years, I have been continually upstaged by dozens of species and countless barnyard animals. Now, the visionaries at Stun Creative have placed me next to an enormous swine in a widespread marketing campaign. Naturally, I have fired both my agent and my publicist, and am currently seeking new representation. However, I must admit that Stun Creative has done a masterful job of calling attention to the underlying themes of ‘Dirty Jobs’ while launching the career of an anonymous pig at the expense of my own.” —Tom Gilbert


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