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Fox Burnishes Its New Baby

September 16, 2007 9:00 PM

Fox really is going for the gold with its logo for the Fox Business Network, which launches Oct. 15 on cable systems that have committed some 30 million subscribers.

The logo Fox is revealing incorporates the word “Business” in the Bitsumishi typeface with the trademark 20th Century Fox logo font and Klieg light rays.

Fox Business Graphics VP Ray Lambiase said the design that emerged from a collaborative process “tapped into the equity of the Fox brand and yet was maybe a little fresher.”

As viewers will see over time, Mr. Lambiase said the logo’s three main elements can be rearranged in “slightly different variations to accommodate the multiple applications that you need in a logo to live with it.” —Michele Greppi

Fox Business Netowrk logo


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Mark Hellesto:

While I understand why you ran this article, the logo isn't significantly different from FOX's logos on their networks or O&Os.
What will be of note is to see if their political bias insuates itself into what is essential reporting dollars and cents dressed up with the same B-roll every other financial news gathering organization uses, day after day, day after day day after day ... Trust me, I've edited Biz News video for more years than I care to recall and there wasn't enough coffee in the break room to put my in any state beyond just pressing the buttons. However, I'll happily say that CNN's Patty Davis is a very nice person despite being seemingly controlling nervousness during edit sessions, lest she be late for a NY feed.
So cast a cold eye on the new Fox Biz channel, in particular, watch the chin muscles on the anchors and reporters. I've worked for FOX and can tell you with all certainty, not one employee, new, freelance or long time staple, doesn't looking over their shoulders when you work for Fox. Rupert's Christmas bonus tends to be the sack.

Best wishes to my colleagues,

Mark Hellesto

This is a typical example of some new guy trying to make a name for himself by "re-designing" an established Logo. RCA, Ford, and quite a few others thought they were SO clever with the New! Improved! Logo!
Only GE seems to have the sense to keep the one they have had for 100 years.
(I hope this post doesn't jinx it!)

The "FOX" lettering in the logo is not actually a variation on the 20th Century Fox font; it's actually a variation on the Fox Broadcasting font, first introduced in 1994.

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