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Nick’s Viral Video

September 16, 2007 4:22 PM

Nickelodeon isn’t letting the user-generated video revolution pass it by. As part of its “iCarly” show, the kids network is searching for young video auteurs. One of the recent talent finds: a brother-sister duo who can balance spoons across their faces—not just on the nose, but one on each cheekbone and one on each ear. That’s five spoons per face if you’re doing the math.
If that sounds suspiciously like the not-ready-for-primetime material choking YouTube, hold on: The pilot episode of “iCarly” drew 13 million viewers across multiple airings its first weekend, more than 1.1 million streams online and nearly 300,000 unique viewers to icarly.com.
The fictional host of the new Web show within an actual TV show discovered the pair. Here’s how: On the cable show, main character Carly is the host of an Internet show. In the pilot episode that premiered Sept. 8 on Nickelodeon, Carly urged kid viewers of her fictional show to go online to icarly.com and submit their most bizarre talents. Turns out, more than 7,500 real kids went online and uploaded videos in the first two days, including the spoon-balancing siblings. The spoon-hangers’ talents will be featured on an upcoming on-air episode.
—Daisy Whitney


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