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‘Blue’ Book

October 21, 2007 9:00 PM

What does an Emmy-nominated TV writer do to unleash his inner child? If you’re Roger Director, whose writing credits include series ranging from"NCIS" to"Moonlighting" to"Mad About You," you follow the team that’s been your obsession your entire life. Mr. Director has written the HarperCollins book"I Dream in Blue," for which he was granted access to the National Football League’s New York Giants during the 2006 season, detailing the emotional roller-coaster ride of a season that went 6-2 in the first half and 2-6 in the second."It was a crazy year with the team, but it was also one of the most fun years I’ve ever had," Mr. Director reports."This book let loose the 12-year-old kid inside of me." He compares TV writing and book writing as remarkably different takes for a scribe."The book writing process is an exercise in a writer’s bicep. You are allowed to blow off the box that contains all your adverbs and your multisyllable words as well as all your literary and historical references. That’s a fun box to blow the dust off, although it’s not as remunerative as writing for the TV business."
—Chris Pursell


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