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Judge Young: Not One to Mince Words

October 7, 2007 9:00 PM

Sony Pictures Television has come up with the novel idea of putting a widget on its "Judge David Young" Web site, JudgeDavidYoung.com. In the vein of the old Magic 8-Ball that told fortunes by answering yes or no questions, Sony created an amusing "Magic Gavel" verdict generator featuring the tart-tongued judge, who at the click of a mouse provides questioners with such answers as:

"Oh, honey, pass the tissues! We all got issues!"

"I hope you look good in prison jumpsuits."

"If the Jimmy Choos don’t fit, I must acquit."

"This situation is bigger than Michael Jackson’s hair."

"You should definitely do it—as soon as you rethink your outfit."

"I think your idea is pathetic. Just like your shoes."

"Denial might be a river in Egypt, but it does not flow through my courtroom."

"Are you hiding devil horns under that hair?"

"Three words: Fab. U. Lousssss."

How’s that for sassy? Visitors to the site can grab the widget for their desktops (and stations carrying the new strip can grab it for their Web sites).
—Tom Gilbert


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i dont think it was right for david young to tell that lady on todays showated12/05/07 he states that she should have hit him more then she did that is not righ. she should have never laid a hand on him regardless it was her stupity to be giving him moneyafter only knowing him for a few weeks never never never touch somone never never lend money is what you should have said no has a right to hit anyone no matter what thats abuse

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