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Acting Out

November 11, 2007 9:00 PM

If former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson really has his heart set on being president as opposed to returning to acting, he needs to study up on the role of presidential candidate.

Last week in New Hampshire, Mr. Thompson showed surprising lapses in the basics: He took just four questions all day at three public events—this in a state where voters prize their right to question candidates extensively. Further, at one stop, he spent almost no time greeting supporters, some of whom sat waiting more than an hour to see him.

His campaign in New Hampshire already is suffering from suggestions that the little time he has devoted to visiting the state—last week’s appearance was only his third or fourth—betrays a lack of commitment.

Mr. Thompson is also the only candidate who has declined to participate in two campaign series put together by ABC affiliate WMUR-TV in Manchester, the state’s main commercial station.
-Ira Teinowitz


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