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Tell Us What You Really Think, Ben

November 11, 2007 9:10 PM

NBC Co-Head of Entertainment Ben Silverman calls out his former boss, ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson, as well as his former colleague at NBC, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly, in the December issue of Esquire.

“Traditionally, development executives rise through a specific subsection of the TV business—prime time, network, scripted programming. They’re basically D-girls,” Mr. Silverman told the magazine. “That’s what Steve McPherson is, that’s what Kevin Reilly is. That’s bad vernacular, but they’re all D-girls,” the magazine quotes Mr. Silverman saying, using a derogatory term for an attractive low-level female executive with little power.

Mr. Silverman also called Mr. McPherson, his former boss at ABC, a “moron” in the interview.

“I delivered him a huge hit that he didn’t want: ‘Ugly Betty.’ He hated the show, he didn’t want America Ferrera, he didn’t understand why I pitched it to him 17 times and wouldn’t stop,” Mr. Silverman said in the magazine. “[Mr. McPherson] is a sad man, like a miserable guy stuck operating as an executive,” he continued.

Mr. McPherson and Mr. Reilly declined to comment on Mr. Silverman’s comments. The interview was posted on Esquire’s Web site last week; the issue hits newsstands Nov. 17.
-Andrew Krukowski


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Zippy Zappi:

i give this guy one year, max. with an ego like that you have to hit homeruns everytime or the world will declare you a failure. this guy is a failure to be.

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