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A Really Big Show

December 16, 2007 9:00 PM

The NFL battle with cable operators is about to take to the skies.

Over the next two weeks, the “DirecTV Starship,” a 178-foot blimp equipped with a 70-by-30-foot monitor on its belly, will fly around Florida showing football games from the NFL Network for the benefit of fans who can’t access the channel on their local cable systems.

The “fly-overs” will move from Tampa to St. Petersburg to Orlando while broadcasting four regular-season games. “NFL Network continues to demonstrate our commitment to our fans by going to great heights to give them access to our popular content,” said Dena Kaplan, NFL Network’s senior VP of marketing.

“DirecTV was NFL Network’s first distribution partner and for more than four years now has been taking advantage of the opportunities to use NFL content in unique and exciting ways for its customers.”

The blimp—the first of its kind to operate in North America—features a 2,100-square-foot video light sign with a resolution of 33,600 pixels to display programming.

“Once again, big cable is simply reluctant to enhance the programming options they provide their customers,” said Jon Gieselman, senior VP of advertising and public relations for DirecTV. “We’re seizing this unique opportunity to reinforce again why DirecTV is, hands down, the superior television service and one that is committed to consistently bring the best programming to our customers.”

-Chris Pursell


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