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The Good Book on Sam Haskell and Hollywood

December 2, 2007 9:00 PM

There it was, a spit-take mini-moment right at the end of the first paragraph of the announcement that Sam Haskell, the enormously liked former William Morris uber-agent, is writing a memoir for Ballantine about living a principled life in unprincipled times and climes: Mr. Haskell, who spent 26 years with William Morris, was repped in the deal by Endeavor’s Richard Abate. "Isn’t that the coolest thing?" Mr. Haskell asked. He was enjoying but not encouraging Blink’s cackle before pointing out that it was not about cosmic karma but instead about a long friendship with Nancy Josephson, who left ICM and went to Endeavor last year. "The toughest thing for an agent is to have an agent for a client," said Mr. Haskell, whose own clients over the years have included Bill Cosby, Ray Romano and Whoopi Goldberg. That he’ll be writing the memoir with best-selling writer David Rensin, the author of "The Mailroom: Hollywood History From the Bottom Up," is "the icing on the cake." The book is to be turned in in May. In the meantime, Mr. Haskell is chairman of the Miss America Organization and must focus on the pageant’s Jan. 26 debut on the Learning Channel. Good news for fans of the traditional Miss America pageant: The talent competition is back in the telecast. This time Mr. Haskell enjoys and encourages the eruption of laughter.
—Michele Greppi


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