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Democrats Make Time for Fox News Channel

January 13, 2008 9:00 PM

Democratic presidential candidates may have skipped an Aug. 12 Nevada debate co-sponsored by Fox News Channel and a subsequent one in Michigan for the channel, but neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama minds appearing on FNC as the Jan. 19 Nevada caucuses approach.

On the day after the New Hampshire primary, both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama guested on the channel to discuss their positions. The Aug. 12 FNC debate was to have been sponsored by the Nevada Democratic Party, but MoveOn.org and some liberal Democrat activists and bloggers complained about the Fox connection and urged Democrats not to attend.

The debate eventually was canceled, with Democrats attributing the cancellation to a poorly received joke that mentioned Sen. Obama delivered by Fox News President Roger Ailes at an awards show.

A second Fox-sponsored debate, scheduled to be held before the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, also was canceled after some of the candidates declined to participate.

—Ira Teinowitz


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