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Taking It to the Streets

January 6, 2008 9:00 PM

It’s odd to see women in bathrobes on the streets of New York—particularly during a January cold snap, such as the one that hit the city last week. But that didn’t stop Lifetime from sending 160 be-robed women (with parkas underneath) into Times Square as part of a promotion for its new Carson Kressley-hosted “How to Look Good Naked.” In advance of the show’s debut last Friday, Mr. Kressley braved the cold as well, handing out “Happy Nude Year” cards to passersby. The crowd seeking autographs was almost entirely female, so Mr. Kressley got very excited when a lone man came up to get his signature, Blink’s spies report. To further promote the show, the network also put up funhouse mirrors in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, and handed out “Nude Year” cards in 11 malls nationwide. n
—Jon Lafayette


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