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Addams Seeks Family

February 3, 2008 9:01 PM

Transamerican Love Story (Logo)If you thought MTV’s brazen bisexual Tila Tequila was on the cutting edge of reality TV’s sexual mores, brace yourself for one Calpernia Addams. Ms. Addams, star of Logo’s upcoming eight-part series “Transamerican Love Story,” is a transgender Marcia Cross lookalike with some serious lips who’s on the prowl for a mate. Logo assembled eight romantic prospects (including one pre-op female-to-male transgender person-in-progress—a confusing choice on so many levels) and locked them up in a Los Angeles-area mansion with Ms. Addams and her transgender activist BFF, Andrea James. The gents will be eliminated one by one, and each week viewers will be invited to visit LogoOnline.com to vote on which suitor should be nixed (although Ms. Addams ultimately makes the selection). Alec Mapa (at right with Ms. Addams), who plays the flamboyant fashion reporter on “Ugly Betty,” serves as the show’s Jeff Probst, stepping in now and then to instruct the fellas, build suspense and offer sage advice. The hourlong show debuts Feb. 11.
—Tom Gilbert


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