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‘Dexter’ Gets Clean for CBS

February 14, 2008 2:45 PM

Everyone’s favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan, is making the jump to broadcast on Sunday, repurposed from Showtime to CBS. But, in one of those square-peg, round-hole deals, the 55-minute cut of “Dexter” that runs on Showtime isn’t going to fit into the 48-minute window on CBS.

And let’s not forget the Parents Television Council, which channeled its inner Helen Lovejoy to ask, “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” We got our hands on one of the CBS episodes of “Dexter,” so let see what’s in and what’s out:

What’s in
- Violence.
- Dexter acting creepy.

What’s out
- Lingering violence. The CBS version, for the most part, uses briefer cuts of any blood/stabbing/death than the Showtime version.
- Swearing. All of the four-letter goodness our premium cable channels provide have been replaced with foul, freakin’, foolin’ and hell. This leads to some awkward dubbing, especially when you can still hear the hard “F” noise abruptly replaced with a “hell.”
- Certain subplot seeds, such as Batista’s relationship with his family and further examples of Dexter’s inability to relate with people, have been whittled down.
- Cuts for time have been made, including scenes from the recap at the beginning of the episode.
- And perhaps worst of all, the Emmy-nominated main theme has gotten the ax, replaced with a five-second title card.

Will you, a die-hard “Dexter” fan with a working knowledge of the paralyzing drug cocktail used frequently in the show, care about the cuts? Freakin’ yes. Will your “CSI”-loving mom, who just knows Showtime as that one channel with the show about the lesbians, care? Not in the least.

Still, that is one catchy tune.

Show executive producers Sara Colleton and John Goldwyn and Showtime’s Bob Greenblatt, president of entertainment, who oversaw the CBS edits, weren’t immediately available for comment. But we should be able to get in touch with them next week.

Check back for updates.

Wed., Feb. 20- Guess what? The opening titles are only out for the first two episodes, which is still a difference from the Showtime cut, but not as bad as we thought. The Daily Blink talked to "Dexter" executive producer Sara Colleton about how to get a serial killer onto CBS. Read about it here.

Andrew Krukowski


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