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Pants: The Hidden Cost of the Writers Strike

February 19, 2008 3:26 PM

WGA Contract HQWith our beloved writers back at their laptops where they belong, it’s now time to assess the damage of the WGA strike. Sure, we can look at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp.’s report of a $2.5 billion loss to the Los Angeles economy. But the writers have lost something more than that.

Specifically, their pants.

The Daily Blink took a trip down to the Writers Guild of America’s contract headquarters (formerly WGA Strike HQ, formerly the guild’s lounge) to check out the picket line Lost & Found. Aside from the standard baubles and trinkets with show logos on them (sweatshirts, hats, cups), here are some of the more interesting things writers lost during their 100-day war:

- Two pairs of pants
- A bra
- About 10 pairs of glasses
- Sets of keys (BMW, Porsche, etc.)
- An iPod
- Several cell phones
- Elementary school homework
- A walking stick
- A voter registration card (Republican)
- Several pots and pans
- Dr. Scholl’s orthopedic inserts, donated by a talent agency
- Collapsible stadium chair

And the biggest find: a wedding ring. The ring, a man’s silver band with the word “Benchmark” stamped on it, was found at CBS Television City. The WGA is using the inscription and date inside the ring as a security question in case someone wants to claim it.

Andrew Krukowski


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- Elementary school homework
Jesus, I'm going to have to start dying my hair again.

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