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What Do They Know?

February 3, 2008 9:00 PM

In its first month since the changeover from Court TV to truTV, the Turner Broadcasting network registered a 17% increase in total viewers. But you’d never know that from reading comments from die-hard Court TV viewers on the truTV online message boards. “They are throwing way to [sic] much reality crap in the mix … you see one drunk guy leading the police on a high speed chase … how many more times do you have to watch another version of it,” said poster Blossom71, who vowed not to tune in anymore. In a poll on the site, 79.5% said they don’t like any of the changes to the network—but then again, only 127 people participated. A Turner spokeswoman said the company keeps an eye on the message boards, but added, “While the boards can be a useful source of information, they aren’t an accurate way to measure brand health. The major reason is that any given discussion can be narrow in scope, making it a reflection of only a very small part of our audience. The most important measure of our performance involves ratings, and truTV is doing extremely well.”
—Jon Lafayette


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