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Won't You Wear a Sweater?

February 27, 2008 4:21 PM

Neighborhoods will get a little friendlier March 20, as Family Communications kicks off Sweater Day in honor of what would have been Fred Rogers’ 80th birthday.

“We’re asking everyone (including members of the media) everywhere (from Pittsburgh to Paris) to wear their favorite sweater on that day,” David Newell, aka Mr. McFeely, said in a statement. Mr. Newell is the public relations director at Family Communications, founded by Fred Rogers.

“It doesn’t have to have a zipper down the front like the one Mr. Rogers wore on the program. It just has to be special to you,” he said.

Sweater Day is a part of Pittsburgh’s “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Days, running March 15-20.

In honor of that, the Daily Blink has two Fred Rogers-related items today. First, here’s Mr. Rogers addressing the U.S. Senate about cutting back funding for PBS in 1969.

And secondly, for your buddy/mom/co-worker who explains Mr. Rogers’ iconic sweaters by swearing up and down that he was a Navy SEAL with tattoos covering his arms, here’s proof that it’s just not true.

Andrew Krukowski


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