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Can Baby Booties Save 'Las Vegas'?

March 3, 2008 3:13 PM

With campaign season still at its high, the public has been stepping up to fight for their causes. The latest issue igniting fans to seek justice: NBC’s sudden cancellation of “Las Vegas.”

Fans were shocked when they discovered that Feb. 15’s cliffhanger episode, “Three Weddings and a Funeral,” was actually the series finale. Reports broke the following week that NBC would not be renewing the show for a sixth season.

While it’s one thing for fans to begin a campaign to keep a low-rated or unrenewed show on the air, “Las Vegas” fans are fighting to correct a TV sin—the lack of closure and resolution expected from a finale episode.

“Las Vegas” fans have organized a mailing campaign to bombard NBC execs with baby booties—tiny socks to represent the unknown future of Danny (Josh Duhamel) and Delinda’s (Molly Sims) unborn baby. In the final episode, Delinda appeared to be having problems with her pregnancy.

Fan sites are collecting funds and providing information for others to make their contributions for the cause. One site says it has collected more than $1,900 and shipped 1,700-plus baby booties to NBC, telling NBC Entertainment Co-Chair Ben Silverman, “We deserve a real ending to the series we have been loyal to all these years.”

While a full series renewal seems unlikely, a real series finale for fans could be more likely. The CW’s “Girlfriends” ended its run under similar circumstances, but fan reaction may lead to a final goodbye.

Also, “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence has promised fans a concluding episode regardless of how long its current final season runs or where it ends (NBC or ABC?).

Will baby booties be enough to save the Sin City series? We’ll have to wait and see on that one. Had the campaign incorporated Duhamel’s swim trunks, we might have had a better answer.

After all, 95,000 views can’t be wrong, right?

-Sergio Ibarra


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