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It Takes One to Know One

March 5, 2008 4:30 PM

For those of you wishing, “Man, I need to know how former child star Danny Bonaduce feels about current child stars and stage parents,” VH1 has the show for you: “I Know My Kid’s a Star.”

Mr. Bonaduce will evaluate 10 teams of up-and-coming child stars and a stage parent, testing to see if they are ready for Hollywood. The winner receives $50,000 and representation from a noted Hollywood agent.

The dream-squashing festivities kick off March 20.

Because Mr. Bonaduce is involved, we assume the challenges that the kids and parents face will be tailored toward events Mr. Bonaduce has endured while television cameras rolled.

For instance, perhaps a Johnny Fairplay shotput event?

A child star versus child star boxing event?

Of course, if the kids follow Mr. Bonaduce’s example, they will receive the accolades they so rightly deserve, especially from the fine folks over at E!’s “The Soup.”

Andrew Krukowski


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