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‘Project’ Preview

March 4, 2008 4:01 PM

As you may know, tomorrow night is the big “Project Runway” season finale on Bravo. If you didn’t know, fake it, lest the fashionistas and gays smite you for your ignorance.

To catch you up: Last week’s episode concluded with a faceoff between Rami Kashou and Chris March, who both designed full collections in hopes of being selected for the final round. After they had showed just three pieces each, however, Heidi Klum gave March the “auf Wiedersehen,” allowing Kashou to join Christian Siriano and Jillian Lewis in tomorrow night’s final showdown.

Project Runway (Bravo!)
(From left: Siriano, Lewis, Kashou.)

That’s a pretty bare-bones summary. Throw in some drapery, human hair and a couple dozen uses of the word “fierce” and you get a better assessment of what’s going on.

Now that you’re au courant, check out this sneak peek of tomorrow’s episode.

Also, just for kicks, find out why the official fan-favorite contest winner Siriano is so fierce.

— Sergio Ibarra


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