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Start Your Engines!

March 13, 2008 4:49 PM

Everyone with an Internet presence nowadays is concerned with a little three-letter acronym: SEO, or search engine optimization.

SEO boosts traffic to a site by convincing Google and other search engines that it’s the most relevant thing to a user’s search, which means that page will show up first during a search.

CBS looks like it’s slowly becoming a master of SEO, because look at what’s the first item returned if you search Google for “shark,” minus images.


Nope, not those sharp-toothed things that live in the ocean, but Mr. James Woods.

If this trend continues, confused and lazy schoolchildren everywhere will be submitting science fair projects about Mr. Woods, or perhaps Johnny Galecki.

Big Bang Theory

These Google shenanigans are nothing new to CBS, as Showtime has been mining search data for relevant ads for a while.

Andrew Krukowski


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