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Where's John Adams?

March 12, 2008 3:54 PM

The Daily Blink, in its perambulations around the Web, keeps stumbling across promotions for HBO's upcoming miniseries "John Adams" in rather unusual places.

First it was at the U.S. Post Office Web site, where the noted letter writer was shilling for the power of the written word. The Daily Blink believes letter writing is a lost art, and most people use stamps only to pay bills and send birthday cards, but if anyone can persuade people otherwise, it is probably the second president of the United States.

John Adams

Today Mr. Adams and his miniseries turned up as the sponsor of the Daily Poll at the Internet Movie Database site. The question: What is your favorite Laura Linney movie of the last decade?

John Adams

Ms. Linney, of course, portrays Abigail Adams, the recipient of so many of those letters, in the HBO miniseries. The Daily Blink feels sure John Adams would vote for either "Man of the Year," with its theme of democracy in action, or "Kinsey," because, well, he was a bit randy himself.

The Daily Blink wonders where this little "Where's Waldo"-esque Web campaign will pop up next. Wig makers and blacksmiths probably don't have much of a Web presence -- maybe the tourist information site for Colonial Williamsburg?

Lisa D. Horowitz


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What makes you say John Adams "... was a bit randy himself"?


It's all there in the letters!

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