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Wrestling With Puberty

March 11, 2008 4:53 PM

It’s official. The Daily Blink has moved on from childhood, and is now a full-fledged young woman.

Well, maybe not, but we did get to see how it happens at the mun2- and WWE-sponsored “Ultimate Quinceañera” on Saturday.

A quinceañera, for those unfamiliar, is similar to a Sweet 16 party, and it’s an important event in Spanish-speaking areas of the world to mark a girl’s 15th birthday.

Mun2 and the WWE held a sweepstakes to throw one girl a quinceañera, and they received more than 10,000 unique entries. Starr, a 15-year-old from Van Nuys, Calif., was the big winner. (She's in the center, surrounded by her family.)

Starr and Family

So what makes this quinceañera an “ultimate” quinceañera?

How about WWE stars Carlito and Melina showing up?

Carlito and Melina

And maybe mun2 personalities Frankie Needles and Yasmin Deliz?

And a performance by Prima J, who had the lead single off the “Bratz: The Motion Picture” soundtrack?

Prima J

All in all, a great night for Starr. But, how does the WWE, a male-skewing organization, fit in with a 15-year-old girl’s birthday party?

“Surprisingly, 40% of our audience is female that watches ‘WWE Raw’ on mun2,” said Lisa Hackett, VP of marketing for mun2.

“We do have a lot of females,” agreed Melissa Seffens, WWE director of network affiliate marketing. “Either because they like the way the guys look or because their fathers watched it or their boyfriends or their brothers. But this was something we did just for the ladies.”

Starr said she watches “Raw.”

We asked the WWE stars at the party, knowing what they know now, what advice they would give to themselves at 15?

Melina said she wouldn’t be able to convince herself to do anything because her 15-year-old self would want to do it on her own.

“I would tell myself, ‘Forget wrestling and try football.’ The schedules are shorter, and it’s not as stressful or hectic. You don’t travel as much. You play, what? Sixteen games a year? I think I would have been good at football, if I would have tried it out,” Carlito said.

Both Carlito and Melina are prepping for Wrestlemania 24 matches, later in the month. Carlito is lined up for a Money in the Bank match, which involves climbing a ladder to grab a briefcase, all while fending off seven other competitors.

“You can’t really prepare for it. Actually, it’s more mental than physical. You have to go out there and realize that you are going to go through a lot of pain, and that you’re going to be hurting the next day,” he said about preparing for the match.

The match was in the news today as the WWE announced the 60-day suspension of Jeff Hardy for a second violation of the company’s substance-abuse and drug-testing policy. Mr. Hardy was scheduled to compete in the match.

Andrew Krukowski


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Hi girls i just want to say that i love all your songs. Good luck. See you.


wow melina is awesomeness yay


Melina im so glad your the wwe womans champ! Hope u stay champ 4 a long time

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