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WWE Shares the Wealth From Orlando

March 24, 2008 2:13 PM

With all of The Daily Blink’s friends going around the country for the Easter weekend, it’s nice to get packages from their travels.


Why look! It’s a package from our close personal friends, Vince and Linda McMahon! Gosh, they shouldn’t have. Let’s see what they sent us.



Mr. and Mrs. McMahon have been in Orlando getting ready for Sunday’s Wrestlemania 24 on pay-per-view, so they apparently have been hitting up some gift shops in the area. We have our festive Wrestlemania shirts.


Here are some postcards to send to our friends, who may be mystified about the identity of these large angry men. But, hey, it’s always nice to get mail.


There were some tasty treats, including gator-themed chocolate and cookies to remind The Daily Blink of the name of the company. A lesser person would have rearranged the cookies to spell out the adjective to describe the taste (eww…), but we won’t stoop to that level. Also, The Daily Blink thought of that AFTER eating the cookies.


Can’t hit the beach without a protective flotation device.


Nor can we hit the beach without covering up the wrestling fan’s telltale pale, sickly skin with some fake tanning solution. Thanks to the WWE, The Daily Blink now look like an orangish-brown unevenly tanned god with a pool ring covered in drawings of professional wrestlers.

Ladies, the line starts on the right.

Andrew Krukowski


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