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Between Friends

April 27, 2008 8:50 PM

So you know social networking is really big.

You know all the cool kids are not just on Facebook and MySpace, but Twitter and Pownce and Jaiku.
But how the heck do you use all these sites? How do you not get social overload? And how do you avoid the dreaded TMI? (That’s “too much information,” folks, and it’s a bad thing when it comes to netiquette.)

Enter “Social Brew,” an Internet show that premieres this week. It’s the latest from San Francisco-based Revision3, the online TV network that appears to be on a relentless quest to launch as many new Web shows as possible this year. Blink had the chance to sneak a peek at “Social Brew,” hosted by the lively Irene McGee. And Blink thinks the show can help all you folks who want to be Web social but have been afraid to take the leap. So just jump in.

Daisy Whitney


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